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Where I've been and where I don't want to go:

map of places I want to see or never want to go to

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Past major trips:


1981, 1987, 1989, 2002, 2014
Caribbean trips and cruises


1977 Interrail - Uk, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Switzerland
europe interrail
1983 S. E. Asia - Russia, Burma, Thailand, Koh Samui, Malaysia, Singapore
rucksack trip to se asia
2013 Singapore and Hong Kong
2017 Australia (45mins) & Shanghai


me and my wife in samurai dress

2005 Photo blog - Japan (and what's so special about it), Philippines, China
2010 Photo blog - Japan Pearl Farm, another Ryokan, ...
2012 Photo blog - 5 weeks with daughter across Japan
2015 Photo blog - Japan: Kyoto, public swimming, ...
2017 Photo blog - Korea (Seoul only) & Japan (Tokyo only)
2017 (again) Photo Blog - Tokyo on business
2019 - Hiking & Taiwan

Japan trip maps

map of our further todos in Japan

Favourite places:

London london

Tokyo Tokyo

Heidelberg Heidelberg