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Where I've been and where I don't want to go:

map of places I want to see or never want to go to

I still want to see: Arctic with blue icebergs and aurora borealis (without waiting 11 years for sunspots and weeks in the cold for clouds to disperse), Easter Island, eat Caviar on the Caspian sea (Astrachan), Madagascar (150 chameleons & vanilla), see Bahamas & Bermudas (and wear the pink shorts), take 124-day cargo ship cruise around the world, Dubai/Abu Dhabi (depite muggy heat but to see tallest building (for the moment), do 4WD/quad bike desert race, indoor ice & snow park, artificial palm and world islands, 1446 mud and new marble grand mosques, Ferrari world, tunnel under acquarium, 500m water jets, play Camel-Polo and other craziness), revisit sea-food buffet at Mandarin Oriental in Manila, Cap Verde islands (Caribbean without time zone), take a hot air baloon over the amazing rocks in Cappadocia and see the underground tunnels (also in Vietnam) ...

Past major trips:


1981, 1987, 1989, 2002, 2014
Caribbean trips and cruises


1977 Interrail - Uk, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Switzerland
europe interrail
1983 S. E. Asia - Russia, Burma, Thailand, Koh Samui, Malaysia, Singapore
rucksack trip to se asia
2013 Singapore and Hong Kong
2017 Australia (45mins) & Shanghai


me and my wife in samurai dress

2005 Photo blog - Japan (and what's so special about it), Philippines, China
2010 Photo blog - Japan Pearl Farm, another Ryokan, ...
2012 Photo blog - 5 weeks with daughter across Japan
2015 Photo blog - Japan: Kyoto, public swimming, ...
2017 Photo blog - Korea (Seoul only) & Japan (Tokyo only)
2017 (again) Photo Blog - Tokyo on business

Japan trip maps

map of our further todos in Japan

Favourite places:

London london

Tokyo Tokyo

Heidelberg Heidelberg