My Preferences

General principle: To prolong adolescence beyond all previously know limits

blobSerious Interests: Cooking, Games, Douglas Adams, Monty Python , Aardman, Muppets (esp. Animal, Danish cook), Sleeping, Lockpicking, ...

blobFrivolous Interests: Art, Literature (see my top 10 books), Food, Travel, Computing, Bridge, Horrfying deep sea creatures, Beautiful deep sea creatures, Classical music, Theatre, Film, Technology & Money ...

blobFavourite Animals: Chamęleon (because of the feet, the long sticky tongue, the independently revolving eyes, and OK, because it can change colour). Also like hippos (because the ears spin when they surface), how a lizard eats, tucans, spiders and scorpions ...

blobFavourite Designers: Montblanc, Porsche Design (nor cars - only 280SL from Mercedes), Polo Ralph Lauren, Apple, Ferragamo ties, Interlübke

blobFood: My favourite food,  My second favourite food

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My Dislikes

walking feet