Where I have spent my life


Munich, Germany in 1956 (just after the last woman was executed in the UK, just around the time the fist high-level computer language FORTRAN was invented)

Education (Age 8-21)

Volksschule, München
see my first school report
9/64-7/69 Boarzell School, Sussex, England my prep school report
9/69-12/73 King's School, Canterbury, England
A/S-Level (Abitur/Baccalaureat) Grade AAAA1. 
(then £166/13/4 per term, now charging £9725 per term - for my son ...)
This is what the school and we looked like
Trainee at Liedl, Munich (destroyed a few weaving machines there)
Working student at Industrieanlagenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH (didn't understand satellite pics there)
Cambridge University, Peterhouse, England 
Matriculated 10/1974, Graduated to B.A. in 6/1977, M.A. in 6/1983 
(where a formal hall dinner cost 51p. Now admitting girls. Has produced some famous people). My daughter is sadly only going to Oxford ...
Management Course, Downing College Cambridge

Technical University of Vienna, Austria
(went there but did nothing)
1989 Lancaster University, England  (never been there)

Completed education with Ph.D. in Computer Science/Telecommunications
Thesis Title: "On OSI-based Transport Systems for Future Applications over High-speed Networks"
12/89 Doctor of Philosophy
5/90 Doktor der Naturwissenschaften Dr. rer. nat.

Work (Age 21-?)

6.8.1977 IBM Germany, Stuttgart, Germany (seen the bad times, seen the good times, ...)
1982 IBM Science Center, Heidelberg, Germany (got blown up by RAF)
1996 IBM Research, Zurich/Rüschlikon, Switzerland (this is where the action is)
1.10.1997 DG BANK AG, Frankfurt (later to be merged)
2001 Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt, Germany (what I know about banking)
2003 TAI AG with the truly international name of "TAI Transaktionsinstitut für Zahlungsverkehrsdienstleistungen AG"
(e/m Payments - at last something I know about !)
2006 Equens SE (merger of TAI and Interpay) (a merger of equals, yes, really)
equensWorldline SE (merger of Equens and Worldline Financial Processing & Software Licensing)
(getting bigger all the time ...)