The Coat of Arms of the Salmony Family

big salmony crest


Per chevron gules and sable a chevron vaire between in chief two lions rampant double-queued or each holding between the paws a plate charged with an ermine spot and in base a cinquefoil erminois.


A mount vert thereon issuant out of six park pales or a demi lion double-queued gules holding between the paws a bezant charged with an ermine spot.

If you don't undertand any of this consult a heraldry glossary (clue: or doesn't mean or, it means gold - obviously ...)


Deo adjuvante - With God's assistance


(courtesy of  Linstead Heraldry)

There is another Salmony Coat of Arms that has come down through the Swiss Salmonys.
Needless to say it looks totally different to the above ...


Curiously some chairs with above motto (probably nothing to do with the Salmony crest) have appeared:
chairs with salmony motto
See "Deo Adjuvante" motto and similar lower part of crest:
salmony motto on chair detail