The Culture Vulture Page

My likes in art

Bacon  especially his popes  based on the excellent Velazquez 
Fabergé  Caravaggio  Turner  melting carpets  Faig Ahmed baku
Rousseau  Breugel  Dali  Friedrich 
Rodin  Giacometti  Netsuke  Ukiyo-e  Yarnbombing knitted tank 
TinguelyPhiline  Goya Hodler Hiorns Roger Hiorns

Schreiter  Grünewald Mueck Jessica Harrison beheaded porcelain doll

For more of these see WebMuseum: Famous Paintings exhibition or Art "Artchive".

My dislikes in art

"con art" that requires an instruction manual to understand it, or people who sell themselves more than a new concept

(e.g. Rothko , Pollock , Beuys )

My likes in music

"The angels play Beethoven for the greater glory of God
- for their own enjoyment they play Mozart"

Other classical classic: Brahms, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Wagner  ...
Opera really only Wagner (esp Tannhäuser), Mozart (esp Don Giovanni), Verdi (Rigoletto only) ... not keen on Muscials (except 1920's) ...

To listen to these go to Classical MIDI Archives

Other classical pop: Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Blues (not Jazz) ...

My hates in music

The "music" played in aeroplanes and hotel lifts (e.g. Nat King Cole)

The "music" played by throwing forks into a grand piano (e.g. Stockhausen)


Modern Dance  (Pina Bausch, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui etc) yes ! - classical ballet - no!