The Culture Vulture Page

My likes in art

Bacon  especially his popes  based on the excellent Velazquez 
Fabergé  Caravaggio  Turner 
Rousseau  Breugel  Dali  Friedrich 
Rodin  Giacometti  Netsuke  Ukiyo-e  Yarnbombing knitted tank 
TinguelyPhiline  Goya Hodler

Schreiter  Grünewald Mueck Jessica Harrison beheaded porcelain doll

For more of these see WebMuseum: Famous Paintings exhibition or Art "Artchive".

My dislikes in art

anything that requires an instruction manual to understand it, or people who sell themselves more than a new concept

(e.g. Rothko , Pollock , Beuys )

My likes in music

"The angels play Beethoven for the greater glory of God
- for their own enjoyment they play Mozart"

Other classical classic: Brahms, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Wagner (Tannhäuser only), ...

To listen to these go to Classical MIDI Archives

Other classical pop: Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, ...

My hates in music

The "music" played in aeroplanes and hotel lifts (e.g. Nat King Cole)

The "music" played by throwing forks into a grand piano (e.g. Stockhausen)

My further dislikes in art

Dance yes - Ballet no ! Working on Opera ... Not too keen in Muscials either ...